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Ask to any reputed advertiser about which type of marketing will give you the best return on Investment, you are more than 90% of the time likely to get the answer – “Video Marketing, Obviously”. That is the power of video marketing .Here, we shall have a look at why video marketing is the best marketing strategy out there and how you can make the best utilization of this strategy for your personal brand or for your business.

Why Video marketing should be your go-to strategy:

Create the connect:

This is the most important reason why video marketing is so popular. Videos increase the chances of the audience feeling connected to the subject that you are talking about. A 2-minute video will work wonders as compared to a 700-word article on why people should prefer your product. It is also to be taken care that the video is created suitably and that the storyline does create the connection with the audience. Keeping it simple is a good way to go.

The Cost:

As a business, this will be the most important thing that one is concerned about, but this is actually an advantage with video marketing.

There are 2 factors to note:

A good video marketing campaign will provide you with a great return on your investment. Spend a little extra on a good video and then you shall reap the benefits lifelong.

With the advancements in technology, the costs are also reducing. You can produce 4K quality videos with your smartphones. Keeping in mind the above point, it is always good to have professional quality videos to create a good image in front of your audience.

Better outreach:

Videos are a long-time favourites of search engines, thus if you have a good video on your page, you shall rank higher in the search results when compared to you competitors who didn’t still get their video made.

Another way of better outreach is that videos are more likely to be shared socially. People like to share with their loved ones the videos that they have liked, this is in return giving you a very large set of audience for your brand. An important point to better harness this advantage is that your video must create that connection with the customer. It could be a funny video or an emotional one, but once the customers like the video, social sharing will significantly improve your advertising campaign. Don’t ignore the possibilities of your videos of going viral, free marketing – sounds interesting. Harness the infinite potential of social media.

Product Demonstrations and tutorials:

This applies if you are launching a new product or service, or upgrading your existing products or services. People are much more likely, 4 times as more likely to be precise, to go through a video demonstration of your product than to read your article or go through the how-to manual.

Creating a video demonstration will make sure that the customers get to know the look and feel of the product. Watching a video will make you more confident about the product as compared to reading a description of the product.

The Measurability Factor:

It is difficult to measure the outreach that your blog post or article has among the audience. Sure, there are several ways, counting the visitors to the blog, using google tools, but again there is no exact measure. What if someone just read the article’s first two lines, what is someone just clicked on your website but closed it, there could be endless scenarios. Videos do provide a better measurability for this case.

You can see the exact number of people who have watched your videos, the click through rates give a good estimate of how many people liked the video and are interested in your product. The data that you obtain by analysing your videos outreach can be used to develop better video marketing plans for your future campaigns.

You can even know what types of videos do the audience like better and what changes could be made to the videos so that the outreach can be maximised in the future.

These were a few reasons why you should choose video as your go-to marketing strategy.